Finding Freedom
Brian D. Ridgway - Level 5 Liberation 
Brian D. Ridgway dissolves the “illusion” of problems to generate an experience of unlimited possibility and the power to intentionally create a world of your choosing.
Brian's Gift to the Summit Package
Game Changer for Change-Makers
These three resources will help you to dissolve ALL limitations, eliminate your “glass ceilings” and step into life as the Infinite, Limitless Powerful Conscious Creator you truly are.
Gift #1: The Conscious Coffee Break. This 90 day inspirational program sold for $47. 
Gift #2: Get ready for Inner Illumination! A Guided Audio Meditation.
Gift #3: The Most Controversial Wealth Breakthrough Of The Last 100 Years! A life changing meditation process focusing on wealth, money and abundance. 
Bonus Content from Brian

Brian Ridgeway
Bonus Content from Brian
Break your Self-Help ADDICTION
What would it be like to dissolve “the illusion of problems”?
>> Access your Infinite Intelligence, Limitless Power and Ever-Present Guidance
>> “Shake off” chronic anger, sadness and fear in seconds
>> Spot the “hidden lie” in the majority of self-improvement work
>> End the cycle of hope>investment>disappointment of self-help junkiedom
>> Begin to consciously create the body, health, business, wealth, relationships, life and world of your dreams

This book is your new playbook for quickly dissolving ALL your limiting beliefs, and finally creating a financially abundant, healthy and joyful life!

About Brian
What if, in a flash of awareness, the anguish and pain of your life dissolved into an experience of perpetual grace? Brian D. Ridgway has helped more than 100,000 people step toward and into that freedom through his programs, his truly unconditional love & presence and irreverent humor & wit.
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Full 5 -Video Series Eco-Community and Natural Building and Water Webinar
Exploring community and off-grid construction: From the 9 pillars of a successful eco-community to the details of natural building. 

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