New Paradigms for Housing: Earthship 2.0
Amy Oskins & Amzi Smith - EastCoast EarthHomes
Flip the script from high maintenance, high expense housing to the financial freedom of a home that heats and cools itself, collects its own water, generates its own electricity, grows its own food and processes its own waste water.
Amy and Amzi's Gift to the Summit Package
**20% off EastCoast EarthHome Earthship Academy (Normally $1200) A $240 value** 

Learn how to design and build your own Earthship in an 8 week comprehensive academy— step by step from design to permitting to the construction of a two bedroom model. Learn about water catchment, solar power, grey water planters, how these homes grow their own food and about off grid living. Full set of drawings for this build included
EastCoast EarthHomes
About Amy & Amzi
An Earthship home is its own biosphere–processing its own wastewater, generating its own energy, growing its own food and keeping a stable constant temperature regardless of weather conditions. Learn the ins and outs of Earthship construction from experts Amzi Smith and Amy Oskins.
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