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Saturday, June 1
Alosha Lynov – Bio Veda
Off-Grid Water Systems
Alosha Lynov, inventor and master builder of regenerative living habitats, walks you through the basics of building an off-grid water system to provide water self-sufficiency including collection, purification and reuse.
Marina Qutab – Eco Goddess
Waste Not Want Not: Zero Waste Solutions for Daily Living
From a Zero-Waste Survival Kit to buying in bulk, eco-goddess Marina Qutab makes it cool to jump on the zero-waste bandwagon with simple steps we can all take to become more conscious consumers.
Ryan Eliason – Visionary Business School
How to Change the World Without Going Broke
Rethink business with Ryan Eliason as he empowers social entrepreneurs and changemakers to make money while making a difference and busts limiting beliefs like the notion that service must mean struggle.
Sean Steed – Change Climate
Plant-Based Epoxy: a Case Study for Circular Economy
Sean Steed of Change Climate shows how one innovative solution to a toxic global problem can create circular economy, impact social justice, restore an ecosystem and transform manufacturing world-wide.
Zach Bush – Farmer's Footprint
The Crossroads of Chemical Farming, Ecology & Human Health — A Path to Regeneration
Discover how we can restore our health by restoring our soil. Zach Bush, triple-board-certified MD, makes brilliant big picture connections between current commercial farming practices, gut health, and the meteoric rise of disease since the introduction of glyphosate—a powerful herbicide and antibiotic used in big agriculture.
Sunday, June 2
Alexander Verbeek – Planetary Security Initiative
Climate Change and Planetary Security
Climate change is not just about the weather. Alexander Verbeek discusses the threat to global security—like financial damage from increasingly violent storms, disruptions in delivery of food and essential goods and displacement of millions of people. Learn how we can act now to take the future in hand
Brother Phil Lane – Four Worlds International Institute
The International Treaty to Protect & Restore Mother Earth
Brother Phil shares the fruit of 50-years' work with indigenous peoples from around the world—a comprehensive plan to restore Mother Earth and unify the human family by incorporating empowerment of youth and women, renewable energy, organic food production, biodiversity and more.
Heshie Segal – Kids Better World
Clean Water on the Go: Reducing Plastics and Protecting Our Health
A champion for children and clean water worldwide, Heshie Segal uses her networking expertise to dispel myths, raise awareness and promote the Puritii filtered water bottle, a safe water solution for first and third-world countries alike.
Mike Strizki – Hydrogen House Project
Hydrogen Micro-Grids: Clean Power for the Future, Now
Clean, pure water as a by-product of “burning” hydrogen fuel? Join Mike Strizki, founder of the Hydrogen House Project, for a tour of his Skunk Works where he’s been pioneering hydrogen fuel cell technology for the past 25 years.
Summer Bock – Guts & Glory
How Fermented Foods Can Repair Our Health
Did you know that good health begins with billions of tiny bacteria in the gut? Certified fermentationist Summer Bock shares how and why fermented foods, like sauerkraut, are the recipe to better health.
Monday, June 3
Hazel Henderson – Ethical Markets
Hungry for Change: How Halophyte Plants Can Help Solve the Global Food Crisis 
The global food crisis is inextricably linked to the dwindling fresh-water supply. Futurist Hazel Henderson sees a solution in plants like quinoa, one of the many edible halophyte plants that thrive in a salt water environments.
Jay Potter – ECOR
From Waste Stream Fiber to Circular Economy
Jay Potter, innovator and co-founder of ECOR shares how to build a business by turning problems into profits through circular economy. ECOR takes fiber from the waste stream and produces materials for furniture and building that can be fully recycled at end of life. Their patented process adds only water, heat and pressure.
Jorgen Hemphel – Hemp Ecosystems
Seeing Green: Hemp and Hydrated Lime Construction
Jorgen Hempel has been refining hemp and lime construction practices for over 25 years. Learn how he creates living buildings from easily renewable materials. These buildings breathe, won’t burn, are naturally insulated and grow more stable over time.
Ronit Herzfeld
Beyond Bias: Moving From “Me” to “We”
Psychotherapist, Ronit Herzfeld invites us to join in exploring a "new way of being human" and shares an emerging strategy for awakening humanity to appropriate action as we rise to the unprecedented and urgent demands of our times.
William Padilla-Brown MycoSymbiotics
Cultivating Culinary and Medicinal Mushrooms for Fun and Profit
With an affordable and relatively low-tech lab and grow room, self-schooled mycologist William Padilla-Brown shows how to make a lucrative career of growing and foraging for mushrooms.
Tuesday, June 4
Brian D. Ridgway – Level 5 Liberation
Finding Freedom
Brian D. Ridgway dissolves the “illusion” of problems to generate an experience of unlimited possibility and the power to intentionally create a world of your choosing.
Judy Wicks – Circle of Aunts and Uncles
Nurturing Local Economies
Through Micro-Loans and Mentorship Recognizing strong local economies as a foundation of resilience and sustainability, Judy Wicks shares how to establish a micro lending and mentorship network to support the growth of local entrepreneurs.
Kristen Comella – U.S. Stem Cell
Heal Thyself: The Regenerative Power of Your Own Stem Cells
Learn how stem cells from our very own fat have the potential to eliminate the need for many pharmaceuticals and surgical procedures, how the Federal Drug Administration is trying to regulate this revolutionary treatment and what we must do to preserve our rights.
Reggie Nayar – Innovative Waste Solutions
The Dirty Truth About Waste and Recycling
Most of what we “recycle” still winds up in landfills and landfills are filling up. Expert in developing zero-waste strategies for major manufacturers, Reggie Nayar takes you behind the scenes to gain a deeper understanding of the waste stream, current recycling practices and steps you can take to make a positive impact.  
Wednesday, June 5
Jon Ramer – Compassion Games
Deep Social Networking as a Vehicle for Global Change
Jon shows how to turn big dreams into reality and make “waves” as a social innovator by bringing together networks of social changemakers to amplify one another’s voice and collectively make a global impact.
Judah Becker – Mercy House Ministry
Aquaponics: A Path to Self-Sufficiency
A means to both food and financial security, Judah Becker provides an introduction to aquaponics, a circular system where the waste from farmed fish nourishes hydroponically grown plants and the plants purify the water for the fish.
Michael Rice and Zana Zu – ZeMArc Design
Holistic Design
Michael and Zana take you on a journey into the dynamic interplay of beauty, functionality and sustainability that defines holistic design. Learn how they combine Bio Architecture and the sacred to create temples of life.
Richard Satava – University of Washington Medical Center
Frontiers of Medicine and the Ethical Implications of Medical Breakthoughs
Explore the future of medicine with Dr. Richard Satava. From cloning and 3D body-part printing to suspended animation and directed energy therapies, technology is outpacing our moral maturity, creating the necessity for new ethical guidelines.
Thursday, June 6
Amy Oskins & Amzi Smith – EastCoast EarthHomes
New Paradigms for Housing: Earthship 2.0
Flip the script from high maintenance, high expense housing to the financial freedom of a home that heats and cools itself, collects its own water, generates its own electricity, grows its own food and processes its own waste water.
Hajjar Gibran: DomeGaia
Go Dome or Go Home: Earthy meets Elegant with AirCrete Construction
Hajjar Gibran, founder of DomeGaia, offers tools and techniques for building with AirCrete, a light-weight mixture of foamed dishwashing liquid and cement that is low cost, extremely durable and DIY-friendly.
Larry Sterns: Nature's Head
From Waste to Resource: Composting Toilets and Waterless Waste Solutions
Learn how Larry Sterns’ special commode turns human waste into valuable compost while conserving water and minimizing pollution.
Paul Rodney Turner: The Food Yogi
Food Yoga: Sharing Food, Sharing Compassion
With over 2 million vegan meals served daily by his global Food For Life organization, food yogi Paul Rodney Turner shares the power of food as a means to spread love and equality by bringing presence and reverence to food preparation, consumption and sharing.
Vinit Allen: Sustainable World Coalition
We ARE the Planet: Redefining the Human Family
Vinit Allen helps us to recognize human beings as cells in the body of Mother Earth and the human family as her consciousness. Through this lens of profound interconnection, we experience care for the planet as direct care for ourselves.
Friday, June 7
Jessica Cooper: International WELL Building Institute
Health and WELL-building: Work Environments Designed to Help People Thrive
Going beyond LEED certification, Jessica Cooper shares how the IWBI WELL Building Standard raises the bar for work environments to include comprehensive metrics in 10 categories: air, light, sound, community, water, movement, materials, nourishment, thermal comfort and mind.
John Todd: John Todd Ecological Design
Restoring Water and Land with Biologically-Based Eco-Machines
John Todd guides us through ways we can harness nature’s genius to clean up toxic waterways, re-green the desert, rehabilitate devastated landscapes and clean up our oceans.
Michael Gosney: Synergetic Press
Vehicles of Social Change
Michael Gosney discusses the connection between festival culture and community as fertile ground for social experimentation, as well as new cultural models and morays related to food, energy, social justice, monetary exchange and more.
Michael Pawlyn: Exploration Architecture
Solving Design Challenges Through the Wisdom of Nature
Beyond low- or no-impact sustainable design, regenerative design is an innovative approach that contributes to the betterment of the environment. Michael Pawlyn explains how it works, plus the impact it would have if entire cities adopted this model.
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