Cultivating Culinary and Medicinal Mushrooms for Fun and Profit
William Padilla-Brown - MycoSymbiotics
With an affordable and relatively low-tech lab and grow room, self-schooled mycologist William Padilla-Brown shows how to make a lucrative career of growing and foraging for mushrooms.
William's Gift to the Summit Package
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Mycosymbiotics search the Wild Lands in the North East, and Mid-Atlantic U.S. for edible and medicinal mushrooms to add to their culture collection. Their research is focused on learning to cultivate novel mushroom species and wonderful mushroom products!

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A weekend-long Celebration of all things Fungi. There will be workshops on basic Mushroom Biology, Cultivation, Mycoremediation, Innovative uses of Fungi, Live Arts, Live Music, and Forays led by local Mycophiles, and Friends from all over the Country!
Mycophagies (Mushroom Tastings), Games, Music, Dancing, Spore Print/Culture Giveaways, drum circle, Fire, and lots of networking! This is a communal event focused on ecological education!
About William
Social entrepreneur, urban shaman, citizen scientist, mycologist, amateur phycologist, and certified permaculture designer, William Brown operates MycoSymbiotics LLC, a small mycological research and mushroom production business breaking new ground in mushroom cultivation. 

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