How Fermented Foods Can Repair Our Health  
Summer Bock - Guts & Glory
Did you know that good health begins with billions of tiny bacteria in the gut? Certified fermentationist Summer Bock shares how and why fermented foods, like sauerkraut, are the recipe to better health. 
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Guts and Glory
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Making Fermented Veggies At Home
Learn to Make Your Own Probiotics!

In this three-part course, you'll learn the science of sauerkraut, which probiotics make sauerkraut so special, AND see a demo so you can confidently make safe, edible kraut that is super delicious! Plus you get Summer's favorite kraut recipes to download too. 
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Health Concerns & Fermentation Pairings
The list of fermented foods is long, but only a select few contain health-promoting properties such as probiotics or increased nutrient bioavailability.

Functional ferments can dramatically improve the microbiome, strengthen the immune system and promote better overall health when recommended correctly.

After 7 years of training practitioners in how to use functional ferments properly, Summer developed this comprehensive chart that shows exactly which functional ferments are best to use with which common chronic conditions and symptoms and which are best to avoid.
About Summer
Trained as an herbalist, and certified in integrative nutrition through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University, Summer Bock coaches thousands each week in overcoming debilitating symptoms through cultivating gut health and educates over 100,000 nutrition nerds monthly.

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