Plant-Based Epoxy: a Case Study for Circular Economy 
Sean Steed - Change Climate
Sean Steed of Change Climate shows how one innovative solution to a toxic global problem can create circular economy, impact social justice, restore an ecosystem and transform manufacturing world-wide. 
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Sean's Gift to the Summit Package
Whether you are into resin arts like the work in this beautiful photo, construction or coating surfaces to extend their durability, bio-epoxy will provide a non-toxic alternative to conventional epoxies with no VOCs. You'll be able to work in shared spaces without a hazmat suit. Sean has generously agreed to a 20% discount on any Bio-Epoxy purchase.
About Sean
From production of algae-sourced biodiesel in a remote Western Australia desert to creation of the only ethical & sustainable BPA free, non-carcinogenic Bio-Epoxy in the world, Sean Steed is changing the world through his company Change Climate.

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