Beyond Bias: Moving From “Me” to “We”
Ronit Herzfeld - Leap Forward
Psychotherapist, Ronit Herzfeld invites us to join in exploring a "new way of being human" and shares an emerging strategy for awakening humanity to appropriate action as we rise to the unprecedented and urgent demands of our times. 
Ronit's Gift for the Summit Package
Leap Community Values List
Useful for any community who is looking to create an interdependent loving space for each other
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Circle of Aunts & Uncles
About Ronit
Extensive work as a psychotherapist, corporate consultant and human rights activist, Ronit Hertzfeld cultivates ecosystems that evolve humanity from ME to WE consciousness and build heart-centered pathways for cooperation to care for one another and our planet.

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Full 5 -Video Series Eco-Community and Natural Building and Water Webinar
Exploring community and off-grid construction: From the 9 pillars of a successful eco-community to the details of natural building. 

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