The Dirty Truth About Waste and Recycling 
Reggie Nayar - Innovative Waste Solutions
Most of what we “recycle” still winds up in landfills and landfills are filling up. Expert in developing zero-waste strategies for major manufacturers, Reggie Nayar takes you behind the scenes to gain a deeper understanding of the waste stream, current recycling practices and steps you can take to make a positive impact.  
Reggie's Gift to the Summit Package
The Dirty Truth About Waste and Recycling
Your plastics primer — Learn about the 7 different types of plastics and the most effective path to waste reduction
Innovative Waste Solutions
About Reggie
An expert in turning waste to profit with 20 years of experience working with top companies such as PepsiCo and Frito Lay, Reggie Nayar began his consulting firm and continued to work with PepsiCo and its vendors to achieve a zero-waste goal and create the corporation’s Global Waste Minimization Program.

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