Food Yoga: Sharing Food, Sharing Compassion
Paul Rodney Turner - The Food Yogi
With over 2 million vegan meals served daily by his global Food For Life organization, Food yogi Paul Rodney Turner shares the power of food as a means to spread love and equality through bringing presence and reverence to food preparation, consumption and sharing. 
Bonus Content from Paul
How to Build a Great Food Relief Project
Learn from the founder of Food For Life Global—delivering more than 2 million vegan meals daily— how you can build a successful food relief project.
The Food Yogi
About Paul
Humanitarian, vegan chef, philosopher, author, and former monk, Paul Rodney Turner is the international director of Food for Life and co-founder of Food for Life Global, the largest vegan food relief effort in the world, serving as many as 2 million meals daily in more than 60 countries.

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