Hydrogen Micro-Grids: Clean Power for the Future, Now 
Michael Strizki - Hydrogen House Project
Clean, pure water as a by-product of “burning” hydrogen fuel? Join Mike Strizki, founder of the Hydrogen House Project, for a tour of his Skunk Works where he’s been pioneering hydrogen fuel cell technology for the past 25 years.
Mike's Gift to the Summit Package
The Solar-Hydrogen Home System Layout
A pathway to a real-world hydrogen economy off-grid and micro-grid systems
Hydrogen House
About Mike
Over 16 years with the Office of Research and Technology in the NJ Dept of Transportation, Mike Strizki converted his home to run on solar-hydrogen power, including a hydrogen vehicle fueling station in 2006. His company, Strizki Systems designs and installs renewable solar hydrogen systems for homes and businesses.

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