Holistic Design
Michael Rice and Zana Zu - ZeMArc Design
Michael Rice and Zana Zu take you on a journey into the dynamic interplay of beauty, functionality and sustainability that defines holistic design. Learn how they combine Bio Architecture and the sacred to create temples of life.
Bonus Content from Michael and Zana
40% Discount on One of 12 Holistic House Designs
(Standard price €700.00-€900.00) A €280 value
Building plans designed with a focus on harmony, beauty, elegance, comfort, style and sustainability.  
ZeMArC Designs
About Michael and Zana
ZeMArC Design is focused on new design protocols based on the positive physiological and psychological affects of beauty and visual harmony. Innovative collaborations include the Architects 3000 group, the New Earth Nation initiative, the Ubiquity University (US), and various Faculties of Architecture.

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Full 5 -Video Series Eco-Community and Natural Building and Water Webinar
Exploring community and off-grid construction: From the 9 pillars of a successful eco-community to the details of natural building. 

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