Nurturing Local Economies Through Micro-Loans and Mentorship
Judy Wicks - Circle of Aunts and Uncles
Jorgen Hempel has been refining hemp and lime construction practices for over 25 years. Learn how he creates living buildings from easily renewable materials. These buildings breathe, won’t burn, are naturally insulated and grow more stable over time.
Judy's Gift to the Summit Package
Micro-loan and mentorship forms package
All the forms you’ll need to start you own local lending and entrepreneur mentorship program. Includes documents for both prospective entrepreneurs and mentor "aunts and uncles."  
Circle of Aunts & Uncles
About Judy
Founder of the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia and the nationwide Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, Judy’s current projects are the Circle of Aunts and Uncles, a micro loan fund for local entrepreneurs, and Proud Pennsylvania, uniting rural and urban communities around a sustainable, just and locally-based economy.

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Special Offers
Full 5 -Video Series Eco-Community and Natural Building and Water Webinar
Exploring community and off-grid construction: From the 9 pillars of a successful eco-community to the details of natural building. 

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